Chinesey Beans and Sea Bass

Today we were supposed to have drgourmet's Sea Bass with White Beans and Tomato Vinaigrette. But we couldn't go shopping until today, and it being Monday the store had very low stocks of fresh fish. He did have two small sea bass fillets, marinaded in soy and peppers and spring onion. So I brought them home and baked them quickly in a hot oven and served them with:

Most of a medium carrot, match-sticked, and the white part of a leek, finely chopped, stir-fried in a sprinkling of dark sesame oil with a teaspoon each of lazy garlic and ginger. I added a drained tin of white beans (cannellini), a tin of four slices of pineapple in juice, cut up but with the juice, a half cup of chicken stock, and two tablespoons of black rice vinegar and simmered it while the fish was cooking. When the beans were nearly dry, I dished up and sprinkled some fresh coriander on the top.

OK, could have used a bit more punch. Maybe next time some fresh spring onion at the last minute, or a bit more vinegar or chili at the end. Lime peel?

I suspect the calorific value wasn't that far off the original, with the pineapple subbing for the tomato.

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