Blackberry Porridge

Based on an idea by Phil Vickery in Delicious magazine, September 2004. This turned out to be 4 portions, which are currently chilling in the fridge. 2 breakfasts each for the next 2 days. If it's any good … He reckoned 377 cals for his original recipe, this is probably less – he had 85gms caster sugar, 400gms yoghourt, 350gms fruit, 100gms Jordan's Original instead of the muesli, mixed with 140gms porridge. But it wasn't clear if that was weight in cooked porridge.

I made porridge with oats, in the microwave, using 80 gms of oats and the equivalent volume in semi-skimmed milk, and water, no salt or sugar. Let it cool slightly and stirred in enough sugar/salt free muesli to cover the top well, plus 200gms fat free yoghourt. Mixed well, added about 3 tbslps Greek Mountain honey and stirred in not so well, to ripple through.

Spooned about 2/3rds of this into 4 half-pint glasses.

Mashed 225gms fresh blackberries with about 1 tbsp lime juice and 2 tbsps Splenda, and let sit while the porridge was cooling.

Top the porridge mix in the glasses with the blackberries, juice and all.

Add the rest of the porridge.

Swirl with a knife to ripple the fruit through – it won't reach through to the bottom.

Chill overnight and see what happens …

Note: talk to NM about whether this could be gluten-free, or at least tolerable? might have to do something about the muesli. Could use blueberries when blackberries are out of season, or frozen would be mushy already.

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One Response to “Blackberry Porridge”

  1. Sofa Says:

    Meh. It wasn't foul. The lime in the blackberries had all but vanished overnight, the muesli added nothing, the texture was woolly. I can see a future in it, though. Very thick porridge, made with salt this time! and left to go very cold. Cut into small chunks and whirled through yoghourt, with chopped hazelnuts and fresh blue fruit – blackberries or blueberries, with some Splenda. Put in a tub and take to work for breakfast. It would make a change from muffins or bagels.

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