Cucumbers in Vinegar

We often have the drgourmet Thai Cucumber Salad, as a side with Thai or Indian dishes, or cold meat. It reminds John of a cucumber salad dressed with vinegar that his Gran used to make. I ring the changes every so often – I tend not to put the peanuts in at all, and have changed the coriander for mint, and added grated fresh ginger to it. I use bottled lime juice instead of the lime zest as well. So at core it's sweetened acid with Tabasco, and chopped onion.

In Amsterdam at Cafe Wanpipel on Albert Cuyp Straat, we had Surinamese food. There were Indian style curries, but served with Indonesian fried rice or noodles, and a big salad topping. Part of the salad was long cucumber chunks, that had been marinaded in something similar to the drgourmet dressing, but a lot browner, heavier and sweeter. I suspect palm sugar of some sort.


So I've been fiddling again. We're having home-made chicken satay tonight, using the sate spice mix I brought back from the Peperbol shop (again on Albert Cuyp Straat, part of the Mart).

I've cut the cucumber into long thick wedges, and sprinkled half a red onion in medium slices over it. I've mixed a dressing of: clear rice vinegar, black rice vinegar, fish sauce, Splenda, a tiny bit of dark maple syrup, quite a bit of Tabasco, and bottled lime juice. No herbs, I'm going to make a Chinese leaf salad as well, put the cucumber on top of that and add fresh coriander leaf at the end.

I'll make a peanut dipping sauce as well, similar to the drgourmet Thai Peanut Sauce. Peanut butter thinned down and with chilli of some kind in it, anyway. Grilled marinated chicken, and some plain boiled Jasmine Rice.

The drgourmet salad calorie count is 46 calories per cup of salad.

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One Response to “Cucumbers in Vinegar”

  1. Sofa Says:

    Oh yum. John went at it like a bear. Rice, spiced chicken plainly grilled, a shredded romaine salad topped with the drained cucumber and onion, garnished with tomato, and a peanut sauce made with 2 tsps chilli garlic paste/sauce from the Chinese supermarket, 2 big dug-out tsps Whole Earth crunchy peanut butter, cooked in 1 cup chicken stock. When it gets thick at the end, add 2 Tbsps Splenda and a Tbsp lime juice. Sprinkle chopped coriander over the whole thing.

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