Healthier Breakfast Mushrooms

Made these last night to go with a fillet steak in merlot-blackberry sauce , they probably weren't the healthiest side dish in the world, but better than the normal breakfast ones.

Roast a head of garlic in a low oven for an hour or so until squidgy.

Squeeze the innards out into a small heavy pan and add a medium box of white mushrooms, torn into quarters.

Cover with beef stock and 2 tsps butter.

Simmer until stock is evaporated, and mushrooms are cooked. (If not cooked to liking, add more hot water and keep going) then stir about while they brown. Crush any remaining large chunks of garlic.

Keep warm if you haven't done the rest of dinner yet. …

Just before serving, reheat on a low heat and stir in 1/4 cup 4% (or lower if you can get it) creme fraiche, and lots of fresh ground black pepper. Simmer and stir to get the cream slightly thickened and a glorious autumnal brown.

John said he'd have liked more garlic, but the kitchen REEKED this morning – and the mushrooms a bit more done, they were chewy for him.

Made two veg portions, would have made 4 – 6 garnish portions.

If I hadn't been doing the merlot sauce for the steak, I'd probably have added some sherry with the beef stock, or at the cream stage to thin it a bit and used it as a sauce. Green peppercorns would be good, too.

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