I just lurve Drambuie. I drank a whole bottle one night, on a St Patrick's Day in a jazz bar in St Paul. I thought I was starting off well with a black coffee at around 5 pm, but a friend of mine of an Irish persuasion turned up and ordered a double to go in it, and the night spiralled from there. And I had quite a lot at one of John's birthday evenings, may even have been the one the night before we had to go and queue up at stupid o'clock to get our wedding licence for the time and date we wanted. But since the diabetes it's been a no-go, at least in quantity. A small glass in the winter, sometimes. It's one of those drinks that suits being served hot or ice-cold, but even cold I don't seem to have a taste for it in the summertime.

I've had it with whisky as a Rusty Nail, but not tended to use it overmuch as a cocktail ingredient. However, I have found these. An advertorial for the stuff, in fresh magazine, June 2005.

Dolce Vita – three parts of champagne to one D and sprinkle with cinnamon

Vanilla Spice – shake one part D, one part vanilla vodka, one and half parts cranberry juice

Mojito – squeeze half a lime into two parts D, add six mint leaves and a large dash of tonic or soda

Passion – two parts D, one part passion fruit puree, one part apple juice and a dash of lime

Summer Sizzler – one part D, one part Pimms, lemonade to taste (or try ginger ale)

I can see the champagne one working, the vanilla and cranberry sounds revolting, the lime / mint would be good but where's all the muddling and messing about? Passion could be sickly, but bunging it into Pimms might work. I have a Winter Pimms lurking downstairs, it might go even better with that.

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