Not quite plagiarism

There's going to be a lot of Christmas stuff posted here. Not because it's that time of year, necessarily, but because I'm turfing out my massive collection of Christmas food magazines. Every year since umpty-um I've bought the November, December and January editions of the major food magazines of the day, some from the US but most from the UK. And I've collected instore magazines, recipe leaflets, calendars, whatever.

I've been going through them armed with liddle postit notes, marking off recipes I'd like to keep, ideas I'd like to experiment with. And chucking out the ones with nothing worth keeping, which has been quite a lot, really. There's only so many twists on traditional recipes a girl can cope with.

One thing I have noticed in this submersion, though. A lot of them have guest celebrity foodie / chef columnists. They rotate year on year among the magazines, but we're talking the standards here: Delia, Jamie, Gordon, Nigella.

And guess what? Year on year, for different magazines, they've presented the SAME RECIPES. I found 4 Jamie Special Sausage and Mash, 3 Nigella Mincemeat Cupcakes, 3 Mocha Bombe desserts by I can't remember (but 2 of them had the same photo), 3 Gordon Turkey Crowns. That was only after I'd started noticing it, more may have slipped by in the early sessions when I was doing a magazine or so in an evening instead of a concentrated wade.

It isn't quite plagiarism, but there must be a nasty word for it somewhere. Easy money, at least.

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