Mincepie Taste Test

Having tried Waitrose own brand, various other retail ones through buffets at work, and Duchy Organic, we had the final trial of M&S mincepies this evening. We've selected deep fill for all products, where available. The regular (Classic) ones had good pastry, probably because it wasn't all butter, but the mincemeat wasn't exactly exciting. Unlike many others (Duchy Organic being the worst) the proportion of pastry to mincemeat was good too. The Duchy pastry was lovely, but there was far too much of it, very thick.

M&S Luxury were good, and left a lovely aftertaste, very orange peel and cherry, with an alcohol over-note. The pastry wasn't right, though.

The Connoisseur ones were excellent – moist mincemeat with plenty of fruit and booze, the pastry was better than the Luxury ones. The taste hit you full on, they would be lovely warmed with some thick cream or rum butter. They're still not quite right, but they are the best we've had, and I'll go and stock up later in the week.

I noticed today that they also do some puff pastry ones, and little ones with special toppings. Might as well …

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One Response to “Mincepie Taste Test”

  1. Sofa Says:

    And now Simon Says Aldi have really good ones this year.

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