Australian foodie planning

My list of things to eat in Australia – so far:
Bugs, coral trout, barramundi, southern rock lobster, kingfish, various crabs, freshwater crayfish and any other local varieties of fish/shellfish/seafood
Chiko Roll / Dimmies
Tim Tams
Violet Crumble
Melbourne Flat White from the laneways
Vegemite on Toast (although I can get that here, I think that’s more of a Vegemite on Toast for Breakfast Looking Out to the Great Barrier Reef Experience)
A Curtis Stone recipe with ingredients from Coles
Zumba patisserie (but not being in Sydney won’t help)
“The Works” burger – beetroot and pineapple, what’s not to love?

What else?


4 Responses to “Australian foodie planning”

  1. Richard Crawshaw Says:

    Balmain bugs (with care, they’re dangerous)
    Proper Aussie BBQ

  2. suetortoise Says:

    Loads of interesting restaurants in Chapel Street, St Kilda, Melbourne.
    Cakes in nearby Ackland Street.

  3. Chaz Brenchley Says:

    If you’re a Marmite-eater, I’ll be interested in your reaction to Vegemite. By me, it is All Wrong – but this might be site-dependent.

    • frandowdsofa Says:

      I quite like it, it’s thicker and sweeter than Marmite. But my favourites are the “single malt” style Marmites they’ve been doing the last few years. Not the champagne one though, that was bitter and horrid.

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