Use It Or Lose It

“We could go there, we haven’t been for ages.”

“Let’s not go tonight, we’re taking guests there next week.”

“I don’t want to get off the sofa, can we get a delivery from somewhere closer?”

“But we had that kind of food last night, can we have something different?”

“We’ll be taking A there all the time when she comes as a student, wait til then.”

It’s too far, it’s a rough area, where would we park, I’m not hungry for a big meal, there’s this new place we haven’t tried yet …

We’ve been away for a bit, and I only heard yesterday about the “closed until further notice” sign on the door of the Kashmir Curry Centre on Spital Hill. A few minute’s digging found the thread on the Sheffield Forum revealing that yes, it’s gone for good. And the thread is full of people calling it a Sheffield institution, talking about their first visit as a student, about their pride in taking their kids there, how wonderful the staff were, how great the food.

Last time we went we were the only people in there. We talked about it – it was mid-week, it was early – but did we do anything about it? No.

Go more often ourselves. Tell more people about it, even if it did mean it got crowded. Write about it, even if it isn’t new, or you’ve written about it before. The management didn’t want to burden guests with how badly it was doing, which fooled us a bit. But we should have been able to spot it.

When your local institution closes, what will your excuse be?


One Response to “Use It Or Lose It”

  1. Ray Says:

    Yes. Too true. I only ever went half a dozen times and loved it… but not enough to go more regularly… and now its gone and I miss it. Where else would you suggest?

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