Australian foodie planning

My list of things to eat in Australia – so far:
Bugs, coral trout, barramundi, southern rock lobster, kingfish, various crabs, freshwater crayfish and any other local varieties of fish/shellfish/seafood
Chiko Roll / Dimmies
Tim Tams
Violet Crumble
Melbourne Flat White from the laneways
Vegemite on Toast (although I can get that here, I think that’s more of a Vegemite on Toast for Breakfast Looking Out to the Great Barrier Reef Experience)
A Curtis Stone recipe with ingredients from Coles
Zumba patisserie (but not being in Sydney won’t help)
“The Works” burger – beetroot and pineapple, what’s not to love?

What else?


A selection from the Hogswatch buffet, including pheasant pie, pork pie, home made scotch eggs, and the Tower of Art made out of Spam in the background.

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